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Title: Fan Petitions - CBR article
Post by: Nekobaghira on January 23, 2018, 08:56:56 AM
Gonna put this here, not sure where it should go but ..... I found the article interesting.
While I'm not a fan of CBR or some of their things, I thought this article has made an interesting point.

I have noticed the entitlement of opinion in fandoms.

While I don't know if petitions are ruining everything, I will say twitter makes liking some things difficult.
Title: Re: Fan Petitions - CBR article
Post by: bark_no_byte on January 23, 2018, 10:09:36 AM
Pretty interesting read. The first line hits the nail on the head.

"Since the advent of the digital age – the Internet, to be specific – it’s become increasingly easier for fans to voice their opinions, express their love (or lack thereof), and even connect with the stars, writers and directors of their favorite media."

When you couple that with the super opinionated nature of a fandom like comics, you see a lot of vitriol. The fans can be very passionate about what they like and it can be really bad and really good sometimes (and it just comes with the nature of fandoms). The thing that worries me about it is I don't want studios to cater to the audiences. I don't want a director to be too scared to take risks. I didn't care for TLJ, but I respect Johnson for taking the risks he did.

Personally, I tend to ignore that kind of stuff, especially petitions. When was the last time an internet petition actually did what it set out to do?
Title: Re: Fan Petitions - CBR article
Post by: Nekobaghira on January 23, 2018, 10:53:14 AM
Its not just comics. It's every medium that is entertainment. There is a show I follow and I can't even begin to explain how toxic its fandom can be, to the point where I had stop visiting a forum and not read youtube comments. The "stans" can be hard to understand, they are over zealous and far more hateful than need be.

I agree with you, directors need to take risks, they need to make the story they envision. I also don't want studios to cater to the vocal minority that makes waves via the internet.

I also think, leave the actors/actresses and show runners out of it. I've seen some mean things stated via twitter to actors and I think ... wow. Thats a line that shouldn't be crossed.

I understand why those in the mediums they're working in, look for some feedback. But its gotta be tempered. Use some discretion, if the point is valid, make a note but don't let it rule the work or medium.

The example about Carl and TWD, and people wanting the showrunner fired. Really? Someone should lose their job because you aren't happy with an element in the show? That is where it gets really ridiculous.
Title: Re: Fan Petitions - CBR article
Post by: bark_no_byte on January 23, 2018, 11:35:39 AM
Yeah, I almost put "comic fandom" exclusively in my original post and then remembered recent stories of crews in Philadelphia (I think it was?) putting grease on everything in the streets so Eagles fans couldn't climb up and wreck light poles and signs haha.

Twitter is just awful in general. I like being able to follow a lot of different comic people on there, but every time I go into the comments I just feel depressed. Twitter needs to regulate their harassment a little better.

But, again, it's just another example of an avenue where people can go to voice their opinions. And then you get the reaction to it in different fandoms where there are some Facebook groups, subreddits, etc that are so over-regulated that everything has to be super PC and come with a trigger warning. If I had to choose I'd rather take a place like that rather than one with harassment, but there needs to be some middle ground.

I think this site is a good example of a place where middle ground can be found where people can discuss things without worrying about censorship. Sure, things can get a little heated but I've never seen discussions taken too far.
Title: Re: Fan Petitions - CBR article
Post by: Nekobaghira on January 23, 2018, 12:07:22 PM
heh heh, I heard about the stuff in Philly too and thought, wow - that the city must go to extremes is crazy. Though where I live after the local college team won some big deal game, the students burned trees near the campus. I thought ... c'mon kids, its not necessary.

I'm with you on how depressing it is to read the comments in a thread on twitter. I also like following folks to get info or art or just to enjoy whatever it is more but then something comes along and you think, wtf! Half the time, I don't even know what people are talking about or why they got upset to begin with. Then I waver on my curiosity to see how much I really want to know or say screw it, better off not knowing.

Yeah, agreed, there should be some middle ground somewhere. Or a better way to get feedback without so much negativity. And twitter should be better about stuff too.

We try here, and while we can and do get heated, we try to at least see it through even if the end result is admitting you won't see eye to eye with whomever you are debating. 
Title: Re: Fan Petitions - CBR article
Post by: Miss Misery on January 24, 2018, 10:01:10 PM
I can understand fan passion, but entitlement ruins the fun of being in a fandom. I understand wanting things a certain way, but I don't understand being so attached to something that you demand the makers of the movie/tv show to do your bidding and make it exactly the way you want, and if they deviate, it's the Worst Thing Ever. (And that's another thing: we live in an age of such extremes that you can't think something's just good. Everything's great or the worst. It's getting tiring.) Like, if the Gambit movie ever happens, I'm not married to the fandom so much that if they change his backstory I'll have a fit. Yes, there are things I'd *like* to see (him living on the streets and taken in by JL), but if they change it and the result is a good one, it's not gonna break my heart.

All Philly fans are monsters. Not just Eagles fans. All. Of. Them.
Title: Re: Fan Petitions - CBR article
Post by: Nekobaghira on January 25, 2018, 08:27:38 AM
It does get worse when going from a book to a movie or a TV show. The things that the "entitled" get worked up over and how close they feel it should be to source material.

The show I follow - no way could the TV show rely so heavy on the source material. The showrunners had to do a skeleton approach, that isn't always a bad thing. It's giving the fan another take while still keeping basics. IMO.

Good point about the Gambit movie ... I think for myself, I just want a good movie. I'm not gonna worry about his history. While certainly there things I'd want and things I don't - at this time. I just want a good movie and a good take on Gambit.