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Title: Romy: Your take ... What would you do, if you could.
Post by: Nekobaghira on February 11, 2019, 08:31:23 PM
What is your view  ... as in if you wrote it. What would it be? Think about it ... if you liked it or don't or if there was something you thought worked ... what would it be?

Gonna quote Icefanatic here .. because he made me see what I would have liked ... Thank you.

Gambit and Rogue series should be something like the late TV show 'Good Behavior' that aired on TNT. A combustible relationship between two people who are formidable apart and unbeatable together. That's more what I would want for a Gambit/Rogue book.

Look up TNT's 'Good Behavior' ... That is to me what romy should be for me. It may not set well with others but it fits them for most of the stuff. Rogue would need to be adjusted. Not quite like Letty, a tad more clean cut but with Rogue's background it would be fine ... don't @ me (twitter lingo)  LOL
Gambit would be on par .... it would work .. he is  .. could be Javiar.

This would be more interesting than what is presented in MMX. But ... lets see what you want. LOL
Title: Re: Romy: Your take ... What would you do, if you could.
Post by: Meliorist on February 12, 2019, 02:41:28 AM
I have not seen Good Behavior but from what you are saying, it sounds like it encapsulates a good relationship for the two. Might watch a few episodes or binge it if its good haha but I'll come back with more thoughts after that.
In the 90s, the relationship seemed all about tension and it was unique for them. More than the standard 'will they/ won't they' style because there had to be a degree of masochism from both parties and a degree of sadism. They ended up almost taunting each other with happiness and then one or the other would lose it in a moment of weakness. Admittedly, that isn't sustainable story telling for 3 decades but it did work for a time because the audience and the characters got the occasional pay off. The pay off almost always (to my hazy memory) seemed to be punished immediately but people do like the tragic love stories.
Now, in a very serious way, Rogue is the crux of the problem. A 'happy ending' will almost always imply children ever after and, with the scope of Rogue's power, that becomes a hard narrative hurdle. Maybe having her decide to pull a Remy and ask Sinister remove a part of her brain to make her abilities more manageable. Healing factors would need to be addressed but I do like the idea of Rogue getting the idea from a time the Gambit opened up to her and it would give Remy another reason to mistrust Sinister.
We could then also get a Remy/Rogue clone that is the best of both and is, inevitably, a villain (from the future) and the X-Men must defeat them.
Well, that took a turn >.>
The major change that I would make would be that they would start being strong for each other. When Rogue is going defeatist mode because she can't touch without a power inhibitor, Gambit would do more than say sweet nothings, he would blow her self made cage to pieces because he is still happy with her. When Gambit is feeling that self loathing martyrdom/ hero complex out of punishment, Rogue would be there to remind Gambit that he has changed and become better and can continue to grow, that he has friends ( who did we decide on? Laura, Storm, and uhhh Sinister?), that the X-Family wouldn't be the same without a little Cajun.

They would eventually stop sniping at each other in moments of weakness and realize that one can weather the storm for the both of them. That way, they could keep the banter but without the 'hitting below the belt' subtext that we get now.
Title: Re: Romy: Your take ... What would you do, if you could.
Post by: Mateo3000 on February 12, 2019, 02:47:30 PM
This is a really interesting question Neko, great topic. I'm gonna have to think about this before I answer it. I need to look up Good Behavior too, I've never heard of it.
Title: Re: Romy: Your take ... What would you do, if you could.
Post by: Toadman005 on February 12, 2019, 04:58:06 PM
Gratuitous sex.
Title: Re: Romy: Your take ... What would you do, if you could.
Post by: Nekobaghira on February 12, 2019, 05:00:54 PM
Good Behavior is a dark drama. I think Rogue would bring out the best in Gambit, as Letty does for Javier.

Two seasons, not sure if it will have a third.
Yes, there is some gratuitous sex in the show too. LOL
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Everyone take your time. It's not an easy to figure out what one would want type topic. But I am curious as to what all of you come up with. :)
Title: Re: Romy: Your take ... What would you do, if you could.
Post by: remydat on February 13, 2019, 03:06:44 PM
To me it is simple.  A Rogue that actually loves and rights for Gambit.  This is currently a one sided love affair where Gambit does all the heavy lifting.

XXM Romy and XTAS Romy was great because there was a give and take and at the end of the day you knew they both loved each other and had each other's back.

This current version just feels like Gambit is desperate to be with Rogue and Rogue is with him because she feels obligated to be with him because of said desperation.  In short, Gambit loves Rogue and Rogue loves the fact that Gambit loves her.