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Gallery Etiquette
« on: September 20, 2012, 03:00:22 PM »
Gallery Etiquette

Posting on any forum is a privilege, not a right.  As the site administrator, I am making every effort to create a welcoming place for open and civil discussion.

The Gallery is an opportunity to share constructive criticism and feedback on the artwork itself.  While comments are welcome there, it is not the same as the forum and everyone should be polite and courteous in the gallery.  I will not allow flames or those who feel they need to make a statement and use the gallery as some personal vendetta for whatever reason.  Negative postings will not be tolerated especially toward the people who spent the time and effort to actually upload images, wait for approval, or simply wanted to enjoy the piece of artwork they were looking at.

There are a lot of guests who visit and they are not visiting the forum, they go to the gallery because they want to see artwork.

I will delete comments that do not adhere and I will ban with no warning.  Understand the gallery is a highlight of this forum and I will not allow or entertain non-constructive commentary to take place there.  It just will not happen.

I enjoy images/artwork, which why I love it when posters go out of their way to add to the gallery or threads with either image embedding or using the attachment feature.  This is the thing I spend my money on when it comes to this site.  And its more important to me than anything on this site.

In closing - everyone is actually quite well behaved when it comes to the gallery with the exception of a few.  As is always the case its the few that can and do ruin it for all.  I still encourage uploading images, and comments but again keep in mind the paragraphs above. The gallery above all else is the "feel good" spot and it will always be that way.  It's my sanctuary as it were and it will not be tainted.

If there are questions, worries or other concerns, you will need to pm me.