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LeBeau Library
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The LeBeau Library can be found on

If you would like to submit a story the the LeBeau Library, please use's submission form and notify one of the librarians:

    Alisx123 - GambitRemy
    Nicole Wagner

We welcome all genres, story-telling styles, and pairings.  Stories rated K through M may be submitted to  If you have a story with a rating of NC-17, please post your submissions to the Gambit Guild's Adult board here on this site. 

We will be migrating all stories (rated K-M) currently hosted on the LeBeau Library to where they can be seen by a wider audience.  If you have a story recommendation, please PM one of the librarians and we will be happy to add it to the Library.  If you would like to be part of our LeBeau Staff...(hee hee) let me know and I will make you an official librarian (hair buns, granny glasses, cardigans, and sensible shoes not required)!

We are 164 stories and counting...!  Please follow the Library on and show your support for our wonderful writers.

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