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Just so that folks can find some of this stuff.  I'll try to find the pod casts too but if someone has the stuff just add it here.

Again, this stuff is 2 or so years old. 

While we already knew this due to a pod cast we had heard back at the time.  Bleeding Cool wanted to do a story

The stuff where Asmus wanted to make Gambit bisexual but Marvel said no.

for once Marvel did something right and before some people think im homophobic or whatever here is why they made the right choice, simply put Gambit is straight. Never once aside from fan fanfiction and fooling Daken into thinking his phareamones were working on him, Gambit has never showen any sexual preferance to men....well that time with Shaws Chest  :P and kissing Jacobe who was a woman at the time, anyway in Asmus words from the interview I never got past pitching the first part, though, as word came down we wouldn’t be redefining the character as such the word is redefining the character , therefore Marvel believe he is straight and does not need to be redefined as Bi,

It was dumb idea

Yeah there would've just been no need.  Fair enough if it makes sense for the character, like Daken, who was very much bisexual, am I right?  But for Gambit?  What would the point have been?


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