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Board Ettiquettes
« on: October 29, 2006, 07:58:27 PM »

  • Any on-topic thoughts or comments can be posted on the Gambit Guild Council Chambers (referred to as GGCC from this point). By on-topic, we mean discussions on Gambit, news about Marvel or interviews from the creators, reviews of or thoughts on comics etc . . . Specifically, discussion of the infamous, "who should play Gambit in the X-Movie?" thread is allowed on the board, because people have the ability to skip over it if they do not wish to read it.
  • Off-topic thoughts or comments are allowed in moderation. If you've just graduated, got a promotion, bought a new puppy, read a fabulous novel, feel free to share the good news (or the bad) with us. However, the board is not intended to be a place to discuss your obsession with Seven of Nine or brown M&Ms at length, so keep them short and sweet, both in terms of message length and discussion duration.
  • Please keep your comments appropriate. What that means in reality is that you should not swear or post anything too sexually explicit. If you have to give vent, may I recommend some of Beast's expressions? "By the Stars and Garters of Betsy Ross!" is surprisingly satisfying to say. We are not the Mother Grundy of mailing-lists or message-boards, but we do have young visitors and we do not want to expose them to anything with which they'll feel uncomfortable.
  • Although the Guild has a strong U.S./English base, we aren't just a club for those in the United States or even for only those in English-speaking countries. The Internet is global and since members join from all over the world, plot/story spoiler warnings are especially necessary with this group since many members don't get their comics at the same time. As a rule of thumb, anything that happened less than three months ago should still be given spoilers as that's when international readers get them.
  • The infamous "I agree" and "meeee toooo!" posts are frowned upon, especially in a message-board environment. Such comments contribute nothing the message-board. While we encourage members to write back and reply, even when they agree or just want to have some fun, we also encourage adding something to a simple agreement. Instead of just saying you agree, state why that is, or add some thoughts of your own.
  • Similarly, please don't quote very much of previous messages in a thread. They all are available in a neat stack for reading, and all you need to do is indicate which one you are replying to, or which statement. In most cases, a sentence or two should be enough to indicate that you're replying to post A and then to post C.
  • Cloning, or pretending to be someone else. On message boards, some antisocial people are inclined to pretend to be another poster. It's easy enough to type in another name in the block at the top, but it is both immoral and illegal. It has also resulted in the shutdown of other message-boards. If you are caught doing so, you will be banned from the board *immediately*, if that indicates how serious we are about this problem.
  • Flaming, or being deliberately rude to someone. In the course of debates, things do get heated and there's a fine line between criticising the person's views and criticising them personally. The former is why the board exists, the latter is unacceptable. You will be warned if you flame someone, and, if you continue to do so, you will be restricted from posting for some period. Repeated offenses will result in banning.
  • Trolling, or provoking people deliberately. To give an example, posting "Gambit stinks! He's the worst character ever!" on this forum is clear trolling and it will be handled in the same way as flaming.
  • Rediculous Sigs - Post sigs are supposed to be exactly that - one or two line quips or taglines. Fifty lines of whitespace, lyrics, graphics, or other bull#$% will be fixed by us the first time, and your account will be made irrelevent the second time.

  • The BBCode for this board has been hacked to allow for spoiler text. *Always* use spoiler warnings and spoiler BBCode for discussion of any part of the plot lines for any issue which is still current, and use them with discretion for other recent issues with major turning points or revelations in the story.
To mark text as a spoiler, merely bound it with spoiler tags or use the button:
Code: [Select]
[spoiler]Spoiler Text Goes Here[/spoiler] You can likewise highlight text that has already been typed and click the button, to prepend/append the tags after the fact.
  • Once posted, spoiler text will appear thus: This is spoiler text! and will allow users to view the text by highlighting with their mouse (or not).
  • WARNING: At this time, spoilers are NOT masked in the RSS feed. I'm looking into figuring it out.

  • The BBCode for this board has been hacked to allow for sarcasm. If you *must* include such a  remark, and the sarcasm might be missed - please surround it with sarcasm BBCode to indicate that the remark is sarcastic, not serious.
  • Good sarcasm is generally much more humorous than it is insulting; as such, these tags are provided to steer a reader toward that conclusion. They are not an excuse to berate, abuse, attack, or grossly offend. Such behavior is unwanted here, tags or not.
To mark text as sarcastic, merely bound it with sarcasm tags or use the button:
Code: [Select]
No, really... [sarcasm]Sarcastic Quip Goes Here[/sarcasm]. You can likewise highlight text that has already been typed and click the button, to prepend/append the tags after the fact.
  • Once posted, sarcastic text will appear thus: [sarcasm]This is sarcastic. Really.[/sarcasm] and it will allow all users to understand that your tongue was firmly planted in your cheek.
  • WARNING: At this time, sarcasm is NOT masked in the RSS feed. I'm looking into figuring it out.

  • This board allows users to attach images to their posts and replies. However, there are certain guidelines to which these images must adhere: images *must* be smaller, static images that are not retarded. Anything else takes too long to load and detracts from the messages, unless they are exactly the topic of the messages.
  • Nothing pornographic, obscene or violent, please. We do not want to see various body bits, rude gestures or blood and gore.
  • This board also sports an integrated image gallery. Submissions to this gallery are moderated; acceptance will be based on relevence and completeness of attributes (keywords, description, sources, etc). Do not submit an image unless you have permission from its creator to do so; it is your responsibility to seek this permission, and by making the submission you represent that you have it.


If you have problems with the message-board or with another member, send a PM to an administrator and they will attempt to sort it out for you:
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