Author Topic: What would be the perfect utilization for Gambit in the MCU?  (Read 370 times)

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Re: What would be the perfect utilization for Gambit in the MCU?
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Sinister takes an interest in Cyclops and Jean Grey and kidnaps them.  The rest of the X-men want to rescue them and learn that a mutant thief knows the location of Sinister's hideout can help them infiltrate it.  Gambit would agree to help them only if they help him pull off a heist which disgusts the X-men but they reluctantly agree.

After the heist, Gambit leads them into Sinister's stronghold but it is revealed he was working for Sinister all long and he leads them into a trap.  Sinister captures the X-men in order to experiment on them and pays him handsomely.  It is also revealed that while the X-men were trying to fight Sinister and his marauders prior to their capture, Gambit was busy freeing Marrow whom Sinister has been keeping hostage in order to keep Gambit in line. 

For this first move, Gambit and Marrow's history and the MM is not revealed as all we know is that Marrow is important to him somehow.  All that is revealed is that Gambit had taken Marrow under his wing after presumably rescuing here from the streets and Marrow is like lil Storm.

Complicating things, Marrow has learned that Sinister was responsible for her family's death (again no mention of the MM yeat) and has vowed to kill Sinister which Gambit is against.  He seemingly wants to ride off into the sunset with Marrow and the money the X-men and Sinister has paid him.  Marrow chastises him for sacrificing others to save her and she is hell bent on going back and taking on Sinister.

It is here where Gambit's grand plan is revealed. He tipped Sinister off to Cyclops and Jean Grey which is why Sinister kidnapped them because he needed the X-men's help to fulfill his promise to help Marrow take down Sinister.  While the X-men took the heist Gambit had them go on was all about the money, he was actually also stealing a device that can disable the kill switch Sinister has installed in Marrow.  Gambit then tells Marrow that if she goes back Sinister may be able to reactivate the kill switch.  Marrow is hell bent on trying to kill Sinister so Gambit tells Marrow he was the reason for her family dying and she attacks him in a fit of rage which allows Gambit to subdue her and render her unconscious.

With Marrow safe, Gambit infiltrates Sinister's stronghold and frees the X-men who take on the Marauders.  They eventually get the upper hand and Wolverine goes in for the killing blow but Gambit sneaks up on Wolverine and takes him out allowing Sinister to escape.  The X-men ultimately dismantle Sinister's stronghold and destroys his research setting him back years and the movie ends with the audience unsure of Gambit's loyalties and why he chose to spare Sinister.
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