Author Topic: Why is Gambit in Excalibur, again?  (Read 26419 times)


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Re: Why is Gambit in Excalibur, again?
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I originally thought about using Gabby but she's been written with such a cutey role I didn't want to bother. Also Jake is a metamorph not shapeshifter. What he turns into, he is inside and out. So much so, Sinister didn't even know the difference when he broke his DNA down to bits and analyzed it. Which is why when he reverted him to solid, it was to a woman because that how he found him. It's was pretty funny because Sinister had this "oh well" type of air about him.

It doesn't mean Jake can't turn into a man or even his old self. It just means his base form is a woman. Any other form would be him forcing his body to change.

Oh and Hellion is a newer character from New X-Men / Academy X. He's a high level telekinetic skilled enough to reassemble matter at the molecular level. He is Laura's ex that thinks Gambit is cool but more over got checked by him while he was dating Laura. He's an upstart I could see getting a kick out of running around Gambits underworld.

Psylocke (Qwannon) leads the Hellions under Sinister. Lila Cheney is part of SWORD and I don't think her powers work on a single planet. If I understand her powers correctly it has to be a great distance, like between planets. I could be wrong.

Picture of me trying to understand the X-books anymore:

I knew he could change back to a dude, but I didn’t understand the metamorph thing. Thanks for clarification. In light of Sinister’s new weirder persona, I feel like it’s worth it to go back and review his past appearances and read them in this new voice. That guy cracks me up.

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Re: Why is Gambit in Excalibur, again?
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Shapeshiftera simply ape the appearance of others and objects. Just because Mystique turns into a brick wall or Wolverine, it doesn't mean shr has any of their aspects. It's literally skin deep. Only surface appearances. Metamorph are different.

I don't know if Jake can turn into inanimate objects but when he turns himself a person, he may not have their distinct DNA but his body changes down to the bone. Apparently even his chromosomes change as, again, Sinister didn't know he was originally a man.

Another difference between shapeshifters and metamorphs is the time it takes to change. Shapeshifters change instantly while metamorphosis can take hours to complete and I think can involve a degree of discomfort.

So, basically "Jake" is biologically a woman, through and through. The only thing male about him is his mind - what's left of that after having to deal with the changes in his hormonal make-up.
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