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My quest to collect every Gambit figure/collectible is nearly complete

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A year ago I decided that I was going to obtain every Gambit collectible ever created.      A year later I’m very close.      I figured I’d share my collection and answer any questions about any particular piece.     

I also would like to ask everyone on here if there are any super rare items that I might be missing.     

I know there are a few statues (mostly the gambit bust) that I still need.      But besides that I believe I have every figure.     

I'd love to see your own collections as well.     

. . . continued.

Crazy good!!!

You need also that Hot Wheels Gambit car. Not sure if it is official


--- Quote from: purplevit link=topic=5294. msg78371#msg78371 date=1602417738 ---Crazy good!!!

You need also that Hot Wheels Gambit car.  Not sure if it is official

--- End quote ---

JUST ordered this the other day.  It's on it's way now.

Which figure is your favorite?


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