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Children of the Atom


Anyone else read? It's not a badly written book. In a vacuum I'd say it's fine. But it doesn't exist in a vacuum. It's part of the Marvel Universe and to my astonishment is a part of the X-Men line. The premise doesn't make a lick of sense.

It's actually so outlandish I was still holding onto hope that it's a elaborate mindscape not unlike the Matrix grooming newly made Chimera for loyal service. That's my rationale still because otherwise it's a bunch of official fanfic nonsense.

Telling me, that after everything that's happened leading up House of X and Powers of X that it's possible? Before those series' mutants were enemy number one being imprisoned, enslaved, experimented on and systematically erased. But now they have groupies? I didn't even bother finishing the book perhaps I'll headcanon an ending that makes it all work.

I like general idea, the. X-men having ‘fans/followers’, but, yeah, the past few years of ‘all humans hate mutants’ makes it a strange, hard to sell idea. Of I thought that about the krakow set up too. All humans hates mutants, they must live on an isolated idea, but humans will totally accept, without question, the mutants mysterious miracle medicine...

Well, that's not crazy. We, humans, have a duality about us. Look at how "accepted" and loved black music artists and athletes are in general, versus the reaction to black activism or even being outspoken on subjects of race, economics, or politics. We're loved and praised as long as we 'shut up and dribble'... or dance, sing, etc. Team owners will happily cut a multi-million check for a player but then years later block them from ownership themselves or coaching. Don't get me started about our "right" to vote.

That part of the allegory works - assuming that's their angle (I doubt it is).

Pst. Gambit. Quit running your mouth at Karma and turn around. Some chick is ripping off your look, man.


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