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The next installment of the Marvel Aconyte Series:

Rogue Untouched is in the line of books. Written by Alisa Kwitney. It was available May 4th 2021 at bookstores, amazon. etc. I'm using Amazon's pricing, kindle/electronic version $9.95, for the paperback $16.80. Availability dates change depending on the site you use for the purchase of the book. 238 pages.

Domino was featured last year.  The solicit is the same for everyone where the book is listed - (Marvel, Amazon, Goodreads) thus I don't consider it a spoiler but having said that, the solicit is at the bottom below the image. IF you don't want to know, just buy and read. :)

It appears via the solicit that Gambit will be making an appearance. He is on the cover.

--- Quote ---Young Rogue’s life is a mess: she lives alone in an abandoned cabin, works a terrible diner job, and hides from everyone. The powers she has started to develop are terrifying her. When your first kiss almost kills the guy, it’s hard to trust anyone—even yourself. Then two people arrive in town who could change her life, and she finally gets a choice: follow a mysterious billionaire who says she’s scouting for gifted interns, or the handsome card shark with eerie red eyes. Except they’re not the only ones watching her… Rogue will have to trust in herself and accept the powers she’s trying to suppress to decide her own fate—before someone else does.

--- End quote ---



Gambit's in it, haven't read it, but according to some spoilers I've read he's there.

It's a 4 book series, Elsa Bloodstone:Bequest out today May 4th 2021Outlaw: Relentless Sept 7, 2021

Well, he is right there on the cover...

Mine's coming in the mail today!

Well, look at that, he is on the cover, I didn't notice. LOL


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