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Hey, hopefully this is just wegotthiscovered being misinformed like usual.

Even if it's true, it would just be another reason not to go to the movies (I haven't been to a movie theater since 2015) or even watch these films.

I guess I didn’t read into not wanting to use ‘X-Men’ as a title as some kind of pro-diversity statement against the use of the word MEN. This article and any fan-reaction to its non-use is some s***-stirring. Srsly sick of culture wars. Do not eat that s***, mes copains.

Our mutants don’t even personally ID as human. It is outdated in that sense.

I could see the opening of a new x-franchise being finding a strange school in ruins, wondering what the hell happened here, and seeing mutants individually as persecuted minorities coming together to build their own thang.

I’m not really invested in a live action anyway, unless it’s a series on Disney+. A movie style for X-men I’d prefer as the Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, which isn’t just my favorite Marvel movie but my favorite movie ever.


I give you... "The Mutants". Wow what an exciting title. :buck2:  I can't believe they are going to do this to me. I'm so bummed that these movies are probably going to be awful. I mean they already ruined the idea of mutants in the finale of the Ms. Marvel show by making Kamala Kahn the first mutant in the mcu. It's unbelievable.

Don’t have a problem with MsMarvel being a mutant. But why take us on this weird ride to get there in the last five seconds? Is she inhuman? A Dijin? Magic bangle? Oh, also a mutant? Like this was your chance to simplify her story, not make it more complicated. Pick a lane! otherwise I liked it, but more for the coming-of-age/family drama story than anything.

I guess The Mutants is consistent with a group of people, like The Inhumans, The Eternals, rather than a team. The X-men team must not exist, we’re not just going to jump right in, but maybe build it up like the Avengers and Defenders?


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