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Reading the comics in order
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 I've been gone with work so I'm playing catch up and reading everything in the proper order.    I'm blown away by this community, the amount of info and Ideas I've read through it bring back the way I remember as a kid.   I believe he is the only one who has a backstory that could spawn as you said, From my point of view I think he plays a pivotal role in the MCU like the introduction of mutants, in a way where it's not tossed out there without putting context and also a different view where he proves just cause your a mutant, It does not mean that actions of the past will cause some mental health issues. 

I don't believe it's possible to have him in a place of teaching without working on something hImself, He stays to himself and when he's there he calls the boathouse home unless I missed something.   The way he can inspire them not to feel like an outcast and to make the best of what they have.   Where he would bring fun to a ridged structured place.   

I was able to find the list  ???  it's  been a long week google to the rescue. 

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