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Gallery Ettiquettes / Guidelines
« on: November 05, 2006, 03:26:59 PM »
The gallery is open for registered users to post images into - but submitted images will be moderated (approved) before being public.

We're also able to comment on, and rate, the various images. Might be useful / fun, might be not!

Various image categories have been made; choose the most appropriate. Sub-categories also exist; if that's true, please use them.
If the existing categories are confusing or inadequate, YELL!  Obviously, you'll notice that there is no category for slash... and for that specific type, it is on purpose.

Please attribute the images as completely as is possible (series?, edition?, chars present? etc). The most useful feature of this specific gallery is the ability to search; the search will be useless without these details, and your work will likely become buried.

Leeching / parasiting of gallery images is absolutely prohibited. Sorry, we have bandwidth quotas to worry about; I personally am not going to deal with our community getting "site offline/quota exceeded" messages for the sake of some Myspace account, and I suspect the rest of the users will appreciate that fact.
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