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Written by Missy Red and Kaleidopy
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 10

"Get away from that window." The man ordered the three children, using his gun to point towards the stairs. "Down there and stay together so I can keep my eye on you."

With his back to the window, Remy felt around with his fingers, trying to get his hands on a weapon. Finding a piece of sheet rock, he grabbed it.

"M'sieu, I don't know dese two boys." Belladonna approached the man. "I came up here to look out de windows b'cause he," She pointed an accusing finger at Remy. "said dere was hidden treasure up 'ere. He lied. Y' let me go an' y' can do what y' want to dem."

"Jus' like a stinkin' assassin." Lapin glared at her.

"Go on and get outta here before I change my mind." The man grabbed her by her hair, jerking her forward. "You tell anyone about me and I'll track you down and kill you and your family. Do you understand?"

"Oui," Bella answered in a shaky voice. The man released her, shoving her to the ground. She jumped to her feet, pulled out a knife she had hidden in her boot and stabbed the man in the thigh with it. She turned back to the boys and yelled, "Run!"

The man pulled the knife out of his thigh, screaming in agony. "Run you punks, while you can."

Lapin shoved passed Bella on the way down the stairs. "We got to find a hiding place before he gets back on his feet."

"I know a place." Remy yelled, leading the others out of the building.

Bernard LeBranche slowly drove his car into the driveway of Marius Boudreaux' home. It wasn't every day a member of the Thieves Guild paid a visit to the Guild Master of one's archenemy. Opening the car door, he scanned the area, the place was well guarded. It wasn't a surprise.

A man opened the door and met him halfway. "This is highly unusual but Marius has agreed to meet with you." He motioned towards the door. "Follow me, Thief. Attempt to steal anythin' an' y' forfeit your worthless life."

"Dis gonna be fun." Bernard mumbled under his breath. "Wish I was havin' a root canal done 'bout now."

Driving down several back roads looking for his missing brother and cousin, Henri held his breath. The boys had been missing for over two days and the police were no closer to finding them than he was.

Something caught his eye and he recognized it as his young cousin. "Lapin!" He yelled at the fleeing figure. Flooring the accelerator, Henri took off in the direction he last saw Lapin running.

"And what do I owe dis pleasure, M'sieu LeBranche?" Marius leaned back in a huge chair, surrounded by several high ranking Assassin Guild members.

It's 'bout de two boys y' took in last night." Bernard began, never forgetting the pairs of eyes burning into him. The thought of being in the Boudreaux home without back up made him nervous. He shook them off, his mission was more important. "Do y' know where dey are?"

"Non, but Belladonna's missin'. Julien's out lookin' for her now." The Assassin Guild Master walked to a window. Pulling the curtains back, he stared out. "Why are y' Thieves interested in two street kids?" He turned, glaring at Bernard. "Unless Jean-Luc used dose kids to lure my daughter away. If dis is true, den I'll have de head of every Thief, for generations to come, includin' LeBeau's."

Bernard paused for a second, debating to himself if he should tell the man the truth. Marius suspected something. He decided telling the truth was in order, well most of it. "Dose two aren't street kids, dey're runaways."

"Now dat y' mentioned it, I thought I recognized de older one." Marius chuckled, remembering Lapin's performance last night. "Oui, he's Benoit's fils, isn't he! Tell Jacques, he's trained de boy well." The Assassin leader raised a curious brow. "An' de other one?"

"He's de son of a council member." Bernard answered quickly, hoping it would be enough information to stop the questions. He wasn't so lucky.

"Don't toy with me, Thief." Marius warned the younger man. "Dat younger boy is devious, smart and has a silver tongue." He eyed Bernard carefully, watching for any sign of body language to betray the thief. Bernard lowered his eyes, avoiding Marius' accusing glare. "I'd say he's bein' trained by an expert-say maybe Jean-Luc himself."

"M'sieu LeBeau is too busy to spend his time wit' a child, much less someone else' child." LeBranche straighten up in his chair.

"De boy is Jean-Luc's, I know he adopted a boy several months ago." The Assassin crossed his arms, tilted his head and stared. "Come now LeBranche, surely y' know I have my spies as does LeBeau."

"I'm not here to discuss Guild business with y', Boudreaux. I want to find de boys b'fore something happens to dem." Bernard got to his feet. "If your daughter is wit' dem, she could be in danger as well."

"I don' trust Julien to find Belladonna. I'm comin' with you." Marius walked with Bernard to the front door and was met by another man.

"Pièrre, what are y' doin' here?" Bernard asked the Thieves Guild council member. It was forbidden for a Thief to be holding council with an Assassin without the Guild's permission.

"Business matters LeBranche," Pièrre answered, his eyes widened in disbelief at seeing Bernard with Marius Boudreaux. What was LeBranche doing with Marius? Perhaps Jean-Luc suspected something and had sent LeBranche to investigate. If LeBeau discovered his meeting with Boudreaux behind the Guild's back, Pièrre's days were numbered. "Dis isn't what it seems LeBranche. I have family business with Boudreaux. Dis has nothin' to do with de Thieves Guild."

Bernard glared but remained silent. Henri would deal with Pièrre soon enough.

"We'll take my car." Marius suggested, signaling to one of his men to bring his car.


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