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Written by Missy Red and Kaleidopy
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 11

Lapin, Remy and Belladonna hid behind several concrete bricks watching as the man in black searched nearby. As soon as he had disappeared behind a building, the trio took off down the deserted street.

A car suddenly came out of nowhere, cutting off their escape.

Remy and Lapin both gave a sigh of relief, recognizing the car. The person climbing out of the car didn't seem to notice their relieved looks.

"Do y' two have any idea what you've put de family through?" Henri glanced briefly at Belladonna. 'What was his brother and cousin doing with Marius Boudreaux' daughter?' Deciding to wait for an answer to that question at another time, Henri, instead made sure the three were alright.

"Henri, somebody is tryin' to kill us." Lapin said. "He's some assassin dat's been tracking us."

"Lapin, stop lyin'. I'm sick of it. Get in de car an' don' y' say another word. Y' hear me."

"Everybody dat ain' dead, heard you." Remy muttered under his breath. Belladonna started laughing.

"In de car, NOW!!"

"What 'bout dat man, Henri." Remy pointed over his shoulder in the direction he had last seen the man, dressed in black. "He's still out dere."

"For de last time, dere's no assassin."

A gun shot fired, interrupting the two brothers' argument. Henri cried out in pain as a bullet struck him in the leg, knocking him to the ground.

"Henri!" Remy screamed and rushed to his brother's side. He dropped to his knees, yanked off the bandana around his neck and used it to apply pressure against his brother's wound. He "It won' stop bleedin'."

"It's okay, Remy." Henri gritted his teeth, trying to ignore the pain surging through his leg as he got to his feet. He placed his arm around Remy's shoulders and pulled him into an embrace. "De bullet went clean through. It's jus' a flesh wound. Trust me, I've had a lot worse."

"Oh I wouldn't say that, my friend." The man, wearing black, stood over the two, waving the gun between Remy and Henri trying to decide who to shoot first.

"Who de hell are y', and what do y' want?" Henri shoved Remy behind him, shielding him from the man's reach.

Belladonna ducked behind Henri's car, wishing she had her knife.

Lapin, still hiding in the car, desperately tried to find something to use as a weapon. Remembering the car jack and tire iron was locked in the truck, he glanced at the ignition and found the keys missing. Henri had them.

"This isn't personal, just a job. Someone wants me to kill a kid." The man studied the brothers and then glanced at the parked car. "And of course, I can't have witnesses either."

"What are y', a hired assassin?"

"Doesn't matter now, does it." The man answered.

"It matters to me." Belladonna stepped out from behind the car and stood in front of Henri and Remy. "If you are Assassin den I'm orderin' y' to leave b'fore my father learns y' put me in danger."

"You don't have a thing to worry about, girly." The man's smile was pure evil. "because you're going to die with the others." His finger curled around the trigger, the smile spread further.


The gun dropped out of the man's hand, his expression changed from the evil grin to shocked surprised.

"Julien!" Bella screamed her brother's name, watching as he stabbed the hit man in the back with a knife.

Dragging the knife across the dead man's throat, Julien eyed Henri and Remy, the knife dancing in between his fingers. "Dis better dan Christmas. Killin' de heir to de Thieves Guild should score me some points wit' de old man."

Belladonna stepped between her brother and Henri. "Julien, y' stop dis."

"Bella, get out of de way." Julien heard a car approaching. He turned to investigate. He narrowed his eyes in anger as his father climbed out of the car with Bernard by his side.

"Julien, put dat knife down an' get outta here b'fore I do somethin' y' gonna regret." Marius rushed to his daughter, taking her into his arms. His son refused to lower the knife. Marius issued another warning. "Julien, I won't tell y' again. Step down."

" You're gettin' weak Father. De Assassin need a leader dat's not afraid to start a war wit' dis thieves trash." Julien turned his back on the others and disappeared down the street.

Bernard helped Henri walk to the car.

"Let's get y' to de hospital, Henri." Marius Boudreaux aided Bernard in helping Henri to the Lamborghini. "LeBranche, y' drive Henri to de hospital. I'll take de children home."

"I want to go wit' Henri." Remy followed Bernard to his brother's car.

"Non, y' go home, Remy." Henri eased into the passenger seat, leaned over the open window of the car and touched his brother's arm. "Tante and T'erese are worried. Go home an' tell dem what's happened."

Several hours later.

"Are you comfortable, Henri?" Tante propped his leg up with another pillow and turned her attention to Lapin. "Y' should be in bed. Remy's been asleep for two hours."

"I'm not sleepy." Lapin answered, trying his best to conceal a yawn.

"Uh huh, up to bed with you, young man." Therese followed Lapin to the stairs. The phone started ringing, she picked it up and after offering a friendly greeting, she smiled. "It's the overseas operator, Uncle Jean's calling." She put her hand over the receiver. "Do you want to wake up Remy?"

" Non, dat boy's too hard to get back asleep." Henri picked up the extension phone and listened in. Hearing his father's voice, he spoke before his sister had a chance to speak. "Hello, Père."

"Henri, I should be home tomorrow morning'. Have someone pick me up at de airport." Jean-Luc's voice spoke over the bad connection. "I'm bringin' home a surprise for everyone."

"What is it?" Theresa asked.

"Y' worse dan de petite, Theresa. Y' jus' have to wait." Jean-Luc laughed. A boarding call could be heard in the background. "Dat's my flight. I'll see everyone tomorrow."

"Bye." Therese and Henri both answered before the phone line went dead.

Hanging up the phone, Therese glanced over at her older brother. "I wonder what he's bringing home?"

Her brother just shrugged his shoulders. "Don' know, guess we wait an' see."


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