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Chapter 1


Written by Syvan Coyne
Last updated: 01/02/2007 02:01:11 AM

Chapter 1

A warm, late spring night at the Xavier mansion.

He had been back with the X-Men for a couple of weeks now. He had kept his distance from them for the most part. Easing his way back cautiously and carefully. Picking times to interact, talk, joke or practice so that everyone became accustomed to him again. But hard as all of that was. No matter how uncomfortable he felt with those he had until recently called his closest friends; it was nothing to the heart wrenching, gut clenching torment he felt at being so close to the young woman he loved yet could not touch.

Remy Lebeau was sitting below a big maple tree, smoking a cigarette while he mentally counted at least seven ways he could enter the mansion and the bedroom that he was watching without anyone the wiser. It was

her bedroom. He glanced at the sky and judged that by the position of the moon it had to be close to 11 p.m. She would be getting ready for bed he knew. She would have just turned down the covers on her bed and

would now be brushing out her hair after the shower she had just taken. Soon she would sit in her window seat and gaze up at the stars as she continued to brush her hair as the warm breeze dried it. It was a ritual she performed without fail whenever she was home. When he closed his eyes, Remy could just about picture every move she made as she moved about her room. He closed his eyes now and a small smile curved his lips. He wondered if she was aware of the wistfully sad look that entered her eyes each night. Somehow he thought she did. Opening his eyes he ground the cigarette out in the dirt near his hip and popped a mint into his mouth.

It wasn't fair, he thought to himself. Rogue had been with the X-Men for more than a few years and yet none had been able to help her gain the least control of her powers. Sometimes he thought that they were more of a hinderence than help, because they had made her over cautious. To always use EXTRA caution. Be EXTRA careful. Be safe and don't get TOO CLOSE to anyone JUST IN CASE. It was a wonder she wasn't completely

paranoid he thought cynically. Oh, she put on a brave face for the others. She made saucy, carefree comments to deflect the hurt she felt when an unintentionally insensitive comment was made. Occasionally though, things became too much and her reactions became irrational and sometimes appeared childish, but he understood. He understood HER. Much as he felt SHE understood him. He had been thinking about her a lot

lately. About her and himself and he had finally decided that there may be something he could do that the others hadn't. Not even Joseph.

That was a sore point. Joseph. Mr. Fix-it with a gigantic machine that had allowed him to kiss Rogue. Well the machine was gone. Destroyed or dismantled by Bastion just as the rest of the mansion had been. Joseph

was gone as well. No one had told Remy where and Remy didn't really feel it his place to ask. At least not yet. Now, he felt he might be the only one who could help Rogue learn the most she could about her powers and

maybe even control them. If she would allow it. That was why he had been studying her activities for so long now. He needed to catch her when her guard was down. When her mind finally relaxed because she thought she was alone and that no one could be harmed if she accidentally came into contact with them. she would be coming to the window soon. He had to make his move. Remy stood and brushed the dirt and leaves that clung to the seat of his jeans. He slipped into the shadows silently as the curtains parted and Rogue sat on her window seat gazing at the stars and thinking private thoughts.

A few minutes earlier.

Rogue pulled the covers back on her bed and then turned to her vanity mirror. Sitting, she pulled the towel from her head and quickly ran her fingers through her auburn hair. She looked at herself critically for a

moment. Her looks never really played a large part in her life. She was aware she wasn't ugly, but, she didn't see herself as pretty either. Feeling a little silly, Rogue played with her hair a bit, tilting her head this way and that, striking poses at herself in the mirror. Sitting as regally as a queen, Rogue attempted to compose her features

into Storm's serene, goddess like features. She shook her head quickly with a quiet chuckle. Next she decided to go for the glamorous every hair perfectly in place Jean Grey look. Her naturally, wavy hair had a mind of it's own and refused to co-operate. Aw heck, she thought, she didn't want to be anyone other than herself and quickly picked up her brush and began brushing her hair vigorously as she went to sit at her window seat to look up at the sky and the bright twinkling stars.

This was the best part of the day as far as she was concerned. A time when she could be alone with her thoughts and dreams and fears and not have to worry about anyone or anything else. The one biggest pleasure

she had in her life was having the ability to fly. She got such a sense of freedom and excitement when she flew amongst the clouds. She felt a part of the world around her instead of excluded from the parts of life

that so many others took for granted.

The breeze from the open window caressed her skin. She was wearing a new green satin lingerie camisole and short set she had bought in town that afternoon. It felt sinfully delicious against her skin and it was a small luxury she could allow herself. Although the outfit wasn't her normal day to day style she had felt a little down and had wanted something that would make her feel special. Sort of the way a new dress can make a woman feel more attractive to those who see her except that this was more private. She was honest enough with herself to admit that she wondered what Remy would say if he ever saw her in it. Even now she couldn't help but grin at her imaginings. Looking up at the stars she wondered what it would feel like to fly wearing nothing but her new

lingerie. The wind caressing her skin. Maybe Remy watching from his window wondering if he was imagining her or not. "Oh girl, you're in worse shape than I thought." She chuckled to herself as she slid from the seat and stretched languidly. Her fingers pointed towards the ceiling, she raised up on her toes for a second or two.

She gasped lightly in shock as she felt two masculine hands slip about her waist and soft male voice with a heavy french accent murmur "Ah don' know chere. You look in fine shape to me."

Rogue froze. How had he gotten into her room? She hadn't heard a thing. Why was he here? Was she dreaming? Was it a nightmare? She felt her breathing increase rapidly. He was so close his chest was pressing

against her back, his hips were pressing against her buttocks. His warm breath tickled her earlobe. The man was insane. What if her skin touched his? It would serve him right she thought, though she didn't move an

inch. She felt her heart skip a beat and wasn't sure if it was in fear or delight.

"Remy ya blasted fool. Are you trying to get yoahself knocked in to a coma. Stop this idiocy right now before ya get yaself hurt." She tried to sound stern but knew she had failed miserably the way her voice had quivered. She held her breath and waited to see what he would do. Alarmingly, she found herself hoping like crazy that he

wouldn't move.

When Remy replied "S'pose yer right chere. This truly be madness."

Rogue found herself extremely disappointed. Why? She thought to herself. It was what she wanted wasn't it?

"But I plan to continue anyhow." he finished in a husky whisper.

Rogue shivered at the feel of his voice. She could FEEL his voice as he spoke. It resonated through her. It gave

her the oddest feeling inside. She suddenly became aware that his right arm had moved and was pulling her hair away from the left side of her neck. She dropped her right arm, her fingers brushing against the fingers of his left hand that was still pressing against her stomach. She flinched, and it took a second or two to realize that she hadn't absorbed his memories. She risked a quick glance down and took a shaky breath. Gloves. He was wearing his regular gloves. But she had brushed his fingers, hadn't she? She must have touched the two covered middle fingers. But it hadn't felt like material. She didn't know. Had she touched him skin to skin and not triggered her powers? Impossible. Wasn't it? A thousand questions jumped through her mind like quicksilver. Stop him her mind screamed. Before you hurt him. Why wouldn't her arms move? Why couldn't she think straight? He was whispering something to her. She couldn't make it out, but, knew she didn't want him to stop. Lordy, this has to be a dream. A fantasy brought about by her day dreaming earlier. What was he doing now? Remy was moving his hands back and forth on her stomach. Smiling as he felt her stomach muscles clench and tremble.

Remy was sure Rogue must be able to feel his heart pounding like a mad thing in his chest. He had made it past her defenses, and he was still holding her. A major accomplishment in his book. When she touched his

hand he had felt her stiffen like a piece of steel. so had he actually, but, hoped like hell she hadn't noticed. He could only wonder at what had gone through her mind when she had looked at his hand. She had caught the middle finger that was covered by the glove but she had grazed his uncovered index finger first. Was the touch too fleeting he wondered, or had he been right. That if she wasn't aware or sure of the contact she didn't trigger her powers. Even reflexively. Right now she had to be confused. Had she touched him or hadn't she? She had probably

decided she hadn't touched his skin. Well now was the time to give her more doubt. He rested his chin on her shoulder and began to whisper whatever words popped into his head. He spoke in French and English. How

beautiful she was. How good and right she felt in his arms. How he never wanted to let her go. He kept distracting her by rubbing his his left hand against her belly while his right hand played with her hair. His

left hand crept higher until it was just beneath her breast. He felt her take a deep breath and hold it. He waited.

Rogue thought she was going to explode. What in heaven was he doing to her? She didn't know her own mind any longer. The logical, safe part of her mind said she had to stop this. That she would regret it. He would

regret it. The other side said she was experiencing things she never thought she would or could. She was tired of being safe and responsible. Did he just kiss her ear? His hand was moving up...up...was he going to....she sucked in a deep breath and held it. What was he saying? She wasn't sure. He was saying things in French and English she knew. She knew, she knew the words he was whispering but for some reason she couldn't concentrate on them. Did he just lick her neck? His hand tilted and he cupped the underside of her right breast. His thumb resting in her cleavage. Rogue felt the air rush from her lungs as if someone had kicked her in the gut. She suddenly couldn't get enough air into lungs and felt her whole body begin to shake. Remy's hand moved

back down to her stomach and he was whispering to her again.

"Shhh. Love. Easy." Remy was fighting to regain his own equilibrium. He was going too fast. Too soon. He only wanted to get her to a point where she would welcome him into her personal space again. A point where he

could hold her and she wouldn't stiffen in fear. Afraid to move. To caress her cheek and she welcomed it instead of flinching away automatically. Scared of what COULD happen. Once he could get her to relax and trust him and herself, he would broach the subject of experimenting with skin to skin contact. And in the mean time he would attempt his own small skin to skin contacts and memorize them. His goals back in place, Remy realized that Rogue's breathing had also calmed.

"Remy?" She whispered. She had no idea what she had intended to say or


"Are you alright chere? I didn't mean to scare you." Remy closed his eyes waiting for her answer. Praying she wouldn't pull back into herself and push him away.

"I....I don't know....I feel like my legs are going to give out and at the same time I feel so tense I could jump right out of mah skin. Why? Why are you here? Why did you start this when you know it can't go anywhere?" Her voice was getting stronger, a little more angry and frustrated.

"I feel the exact same way my love." He said shakily. "It's desire. It's runnin' trew my body like a song made just for you and me chere. Listen can you hear it?" With his eyes closed he rested his cheek on the side of her head and wrapped his arms tightly about her waist. "Listen." He whispered again. He felt the blood rushing through his veins, his heart beating a rapid tattoo, countered by the beating of Rogue's heart. He heard her breathing slow and felt her head tip back to rest on his shoulder. Slowly, Remy began to sway side to side following the music he and Rogue were making together. "Can you hear it chere?" he whispered.

"Yes." came her quiet, awed response. She could hear the music. Hope began to grow from a tiny seed deep within her as she allowed the music that Remy had created to flow through her. It was beautiful. His whispered words rumbled again and added to the music. She relaxed in his arms and began to move with Remy to the music only they could hear.


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