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Chapter 1
Chapter 2


Written by Souba
Last updated: 04/21/2007 01:02:28 AM

Chapter 1

Gambit had been roaming the streets on foot for over an hour now as he waited for night to fall, then he could do the job he had assigned himself and leave as soon as possible. Divine City was small in comparison to the larger cities he was used to, but he hoped not to linger too long there was something unsettling about the silence that enveloped the streets and the darkness that also seemed to cover every corner of every building making them appear as if they loomed over the streets like giants. Suddenly, he noticed a shadow moving swiftly across the top of a building before disappearing into one of the alleys. Gambit ducked into the shadow of the high rise nearest him and pulled his trench coat tightly across his chest as he backed against the wall. He could smell the musty odors of decomposing trash not too far behind him and hear the sounds of vermin scuffling across the floor as if spooked by some invisible force. He turned his head slowly sensing the presence of another person now not to far from him. The assailant had to be several yards to his left deep in the darkness of the alley. He gingerly pulled away from the wall he had pressed into and relaxed his stance turning to face whoever was standing only feet away.

“Do you plan on makin’ it out of de shadows anytime soon?” he said as he reached into his trench for a card.

“Hmph” came the response which was enough for Remy to guess that the voice came from a young male, but it seemed distorted almost off sync with the world. Although, it made him feel uneasy he knew how to bluff well enough so that he gave his opponent no indication of hesitation or fear.

The figure emerged from the darkness into the gray shadows enough for Remy to begin to see an outline of a form not much bigger than his own.

“I was curious as to who is in my city” he replied as he walked right past him towards the street. Once there he leaned against the nearest wall with his head tilted up and closed his eyes.

“I don remember seeing your name on the de sign,” he began coolly as he joined him “unless yo name is Divine.”

Gambit could now see that it was a young man dressed completely in black with a mask around his eyes, wearing a worn black trench coat. His hair was a little longer that shoulder length, black, and wavy.

“My name is Jackket Knightmare” he replied his eyes still closed.

“Jacket, first name isn’t “Straight,” non?” Gambit replied as he placed the card back in his pocket.

He tilted his head towards the mutant and looked at him with a smirk “you can call me Jack.”

Gambit noticed that his eyes were far different then any he had ever seen before including his own red on black eyes. The pupils were in horizontal and vertical slits intersecting with each other and the color of his iris was a bright gold that almost glowed much like his red eyes would from time to time.

“So Jack you the mutant hero of dis town?” he wondered.

“I’m not a mutant” he said shaking his head then pushing away from the wall to face him.

“Den what are you,” Gambit began as he lit a cigarette “a year long Mardi Gras?”

His eyes fell to the ground for a moment lost in thought.

“A Knightmare begins as a broken dream…” he said quietly to himself.

“What’s dat supposed to be, some sort of riddle?” Gambit asked.

“A child named Thomas was killed by his father,” he began “he chose to return to this world, and I was born out of him.”

“So you be an angel, non?” Gambit said crossing his arms over his chest.

“No…” he replied then looked at Gambit with a smirk “more like a Knightmare.”

“Nightmare, dey always seem to be stalkin me.”

“I’m here because we’re both after the same thing” Jackket pointed out.

“What would dat be?” Gambit replied “maybe Gambit’s here for de view, neh?”

Jackket ignored the comment and looked at him seriously “The pendant will only be displayed for a week, so we won’t be the only ones after it.”

“And what is your interest in it, mon ami?”

“The demon, Lucious is trying to get his hands on it” Jackket begin “so he can become a part of our world.”

“I don believe in demons.” Gambit replied.

“Doesn’t mean they don’t exist,” he replied with a smirk “but this one I know well.”

“How’s dat?”

“He killed me once.” he absently replied as he looked down the street.

Gambit paused for a second before he gazed down the street it seemed empty of people but as Jackket seemed to sense as he did something foreboding.

“We can go through the sewer system and enter through the museum’s basement.”

“Why are you helping me?” Gambit wondered.

“It’s my duty as a pastor…” he began “to help the lost.”

“You be a preacher?” Gambit said barely checking the sound of shock in his voice.

“You’re not the first to ask that” he replied dryly then began to move down the street.

“So is stealin’ a pastor’s duty too?” Gambit couldn’t resist adding.

“No,” Jackket said stopping to look at Gambit “that’s why He sent me you, Remy.”

Gambit shook his head smiling he knew some how this new team up would be interesting to say the least.



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